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Woodland Hills Home Owners Association's
Architectural Committee

This committee generally consists of five homeowners, of whom one is chairperson, plus a member of the board of directors who serves as liaison between the board and the committee. The purpose of the committee is to help maintain home values by encouraging observance of standards relating to the exteriors of homes. These standards are set forth in the Architectural Guidelines , a copy of which you should have received at the time of your settlement and is accessible by this link. Violations of these standards are noted by committee members during their annual walk around inspections and by the Woodland Hills property manager during monthly reviews of the community.

The Architectural Committee has two additional functions. One is to update the Architectural Guidelines when required. The other is to consider homeowner applications for alterations to their property. The committee has 30 days following receipt of an application in which to approve or disapprove, with explanation.

Before undertaking any alterations, homeowners are required to submit an application for such alterations on a form entitled "Request for Approval of Alteration to Property." The form may be downloaded at: Alteration Request . Requests may also be submitted electronically online.

Complete the application for any alterations to the exterior of the home, including painting, windows, siding, doors, trees and landscaping, decking, terraces, etc. Some other examples include adding a shed or fence and tree removal. (Paint colors are already noted on each homeowner's Exterior Paint Color Disclosure Form). These are only selected examples. Other examples can be found in your copy of the document Architectural Guidelines. These guidelines were last revised May 28, 2014. Click here to read them: The Architectural Guidelines .

If you contemplate a change, submit your completed application and any necessary support material to the Woodland Hills property agent, Matt Potts, of Oakbrook Management Company. The phone number is 301-654-5107 or e-mail Matt.

If you are uncertain as to whether or not an application need be submitted, please contact Matt Potts. 

Once violations are corrected, you must request a re-inspection. Once the corrections pass re-inspection, the violations will be cleared from your record. Click here for our Request for Re-Inspection